I was lucky enough to wear this piece to a wedding just last week. I have to admit, I am a simple jewelry kind of person, but wow did I love wearing this. It has just enough shine and funkiness to bring my plain black dress to another level. It's super light and it sits perfectly on your neckline. You will not regret this purchase. Very versatile, can't wait to wear it with just jeans and a t....
- Becca Saltzman
I have one of these chic bracelets and let me tell you, not only does it go with just about everything in my closet, when I wear it I feel great and somehow,(I know this is going to sound funny), but I feel taller! Thank you y-clad!
- Dee
Had an office party to attend, heard about this chic boutique from co-workers. So glad I listened to them. Definitely an awesome find, a true hidden gem. Was able to get a bracelet, necklace and even a pair of earrings at reasonable cost. All original finds!
- Annie Duncan